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Gilmour Newsletter – Weekending 10th May

Welcome to our weekly roundup of what’s been happening at Gilmour Primary this week!!

Nursery this week have been exploring fruit using all of their senses. 

In art 5B have been practising our papier-mâché skills ready to sculpt some Liverpool landmarks later in the half term! 

5W are creating an interactive adventure game in computing

4D practising their chopping skills using the claw technique.

3G This week, we investigated non unit fractions of amounts using bar models and place value counters. 

In Art 5T have been practising their paper mache skills.

6T have enjoyed drawing themselves in a Pop Art Style

2J loved every moment this week, as they stepped back in time to meet Samuel Pepys- an eye witness from the Great Fire of London. 

We used a quill to write messages, completed a ‘blazing’ collage and dressed up in role as significant people from 1666, including Thomas Farinner the baker and King Charles II. 

4S enjoyed cracking and whisking eggs in preparation for their DT 

1M loved our Kitty Wilkinson Workshop! We looked at some Victorian artefacts, made soap and played some Victorian ‘Parlour Games’ like ‘Pass the Slipper’.

RQ have had wonderful time planting sunflowers