Gilmour Primary School


Gilmour Primary School is a warm and welcoming community, which gives every child the opportunity to flourish. 

Learners build upon their interests and are supported to become valuable contributors to their future communities.  

Throughout their time at Gilmour Primary School,  children develop the knowledge and confidence to appreciate the beauty and celebrate the diversity of the world around them through a curriculum that develops their appreciation of the arts and their heritage. Our children are lifelong, independent learners who enjoy reading for pleasure and are always curious to learn more about the world. 

Children from Gilmour Primary School share their opinions, debate them respectfully with others, celebrate diversity and are respectful and tolerant of different cultural practices and beliefs.

We are proud that our children are constant learners, confident and respectful. Our pupils leave Gilmour Primary School with a passion for learning, a belief in their own abilities and a solid foundation for a successful life.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.