Gilmour Primary School

Technical Issues

During the first week of remote learning we are aware of the following technical issues: 

Microsoft Teams

During the early part of the week we were aware that Teams was running very slowly. Whilst we are not sure why this might be we think it may be due to the increased traffic to the site. 

Frog Play

Log in issues – we have been made aware that on occasion when trying to log in the Frog Play platform doesn’t allow this and instead reloads the log in page. 

We have contacted Frog Play but as a work around, if this happens to you after two attempts, please request a password reset. You can request this from the link below: 


Within the Maths Quiz shed we have been made aware that a very small number of correct answers are marked incorrect by the quiz. we have contacted the publisher to make them aware of the issue as we aren’t able to edit the quizzes.

What are the next steps? 

  • We have contacted Frog Play and Edshed to make them aware of this issues. 
  • We have created a quality assurance group to identify where these issues may be in advance. 

What happens if I encounter a technical issue? 

Please send an email to:  

This isn’t technical support we may be able to help. We may not be able to answer all emails.