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Newsletter: Weekending 24th November

Dear parents and carers,

Thank you for all of your support this week. It has been  a very busy week at Gilmour Primary School with lots going on. 

We hope that you enjoy this newsletter. 

Joanne Duffy David Kirby     Chris McDonald 

Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher     Headteacher

In this newsletter you will find: 

Dates for your diary 

PSHE Policy Consultation 

What has been going on in our busy school this week

Community News

Dates for your diary 

Friday 1st December: Own Clothes Day: Children are welcome to come to school wearing their own clothes in exchange for a donation of cakes (Either shop bought or homemade).

Friday 1st December: Gilmour Primary School Christmas Fair: Please bring your tickets with you,

Christmas Jumper Day
We will be supporting ‘Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day Appeal’. Children are invited
to wear their own clothes and a Christmas jumper to school on Thursday 7th December.

Bridge Chapel Trip
A reminder that next week Year 2 children will be visiting Bridge Chapel to enjoy a performance, ‘The
Christmas Journey’.

A full list of all dates for the Autumn term can be found by following this link: 

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) Policy Consultation 

We are consulting parents on our Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) Policy. The consultation opens today and will close at 12pm on the 1st of December. 

You can find our policy and link to the consultation here.

What has been going on in our busy school this week


We have been busy!

Road Safety Week in our Nursery.


RD have been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week!

RD have been developing our fine motor skills in our outdoor classroom.

This week, RQ have been making crafts to celebrate Nursery Rhyme week. We also came to school dressed up as our favourite characters.

We have also been learning about Road Safety

We have had so much fun learning about ‘The Star in the Jar’. 

RT: Fun in the outdoor classroom!

Year 1

1O have been practicing programming using the BeeBots.

Class 1A Photos – Making Wheel mechanisms in DT

1M: We had fun creating weather wheels in DT this week as part of our ‘Moving Pictures‘ topic. First we designed them, then we carefully cut out each part. Next we used a pencil and blu tac to make a hole. Finally we inserted a paper fastener as a pivot so that our wheel mechanism could spin.

Year 2

2J loved stepping inside some of the illustrations from The Night Gardener and writing about what they could see, hear and feel.

We have had another brilliant week in 2R this week! In History, we explored what shopping was like in the 1950’s and how this changed in the 1960’s. In Dt, we practised using different stitching techniques. We used the overstitch and the running stitch. 

2C have enjoyed learning how to add by crossing ten this week using tens frames and counters. In our P.E lessons we learned how to send and receive a ball and in History we enjoyed learning about shopping in the 1950s, 

2J has been practising ball skills such as throwing and catching, dribbling, and chest passes in PE this week.

Year 3

3G have fully immersed themselves into our Fox fable in English. We explored the setting and character today and used our brilliant ideas to create a beautiful incidental write which will help with our story next week! Well done, team!

3LG Looking at levers and linkages in DT

Well-being Ambassador Elections in 3LG

Year 4

4P have been making musical instruments in science this week 

4S have been experimenting with sound this week. They really enjoyed making instruments with objects around the classroom.

4S are really enjoying ukulele lessons this half term. This week we learned the chord ‘f’. 

4D enjoying a lively ukulele lesson this week!

4P have been making different pitches in science this week

Year 5

We have been working on our netball skills.

5W on their way to swimming

This week 5T took on the Flower Power challenge of trying to make consecutive numbers up to the highest number. We really enjoyed it and wanted to reach 44 which is the record.

This week in maths 5B have been learning about adding fractions with a total greater than 1.

This week 5T have been enjoying music, singing, composing and improvising. This week our song was about the planet Mars. We all love playing the glockenspiels (very loudly) 

Year 6

This week 6M have been using drama to explore our new text called ‘A Story Like the Wind’. We used freeze frames to explore how the characters felt before and after their flashbacks. 

6S classifying invertebrates in the World Museum and doing ‘goblin’ portraits in the Walker Art Gallery.

This week year 6 have been on a school trip to the Walker Art Gallery and the World Museum. We looked at portraits through time and even had a go at creating our own using some new techniques. We enjoyed learning lots about sustainability and the habitats of different creatures.

6T are enjoying learning new skills and techniques for the game of netball. 

6S role playing a scene from out text ‘A Story Like The Wind’

Art Club fun!

Fun making masks in Art Club.

Gardening Club

Potatoes grown in our garden

Netball Club

Our brilliant netball team recently came 2nd in a netball tournament. Here they are with their certificates!

The year 6 girls beat both Liverpool College teams 3-1, 3-2.

Community News 

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